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Wright McGill Fly Reel, carried by His Place Resort

Guided Trout Fishing Service - Fly Fishing on the White River

Taking a guided fly fishing trip on the White River is a great way to get the most out of your time here.  Whether you're a beginner that has never picked up a fly rod, a seasoned pro that just needs to be put on fish, or somewhere in between, we have the guides that will help you have the most productive and fun day possible.

Our fly fishing have many seasons of experience on the White River, and they know how to fish it no matter what the water's doing.  They're out all the time, so they'll know exactly what fly to put on for you and where to go for those trout.

Many of our guests prefer to wade fish if possible, and that's fine.  Others, for various reasons, prefer to fly fish from a boat.  That's fine, too.  Just let us know what your needs and desires are, and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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For more info on trout fishing & White River in general, be sure to read the Trout Fishing-Main page first.

Large Female Brown Trout Caught in front of the resort Big Bertha - 36 in, 24 in Girth, 32+ lb. caught at His Place Resort

On the left, we have our dear friend, Tom, with a 10 lb. female Brown Trout he caught wading  right here in front of the resort.  On the right, let me introduce you to "Big Bertha".  She was caught (and successfully released) on a 5 wt. fly rod.  She was 36 inches long, 24 inches around the girth, and was in excess of 32 lbs.  She's still out there...  waiting for you...

FAQ about Fly Fishing Guide Service on the White River

People always ask, "What is fly fishing on the White River like compared to other places?"  That is an excellent question with more than one answer!  For those of you that fish small streams out west for example, the first thing that will strike you is the size of the trout.  Our Rainbow trout are stocked larger in size than the majority of "big fish" you'll find out west in small streams.  The next thing you'll notice is the actual size of the White River itself.  It's a larger fishery than many of you have seen, even at no-flow conditions, when you can walk back and forth across the river...  just more room to hold trout!  and a lot more places to wade when the dam generation is low, too.

When the dam is generating, higher flows make the White River similar in size to the average summertime flow on the Kootenai River in Montana, if you're familiar with that, not unlike many larger trout fisheries where all the fishing is done from drift boats.  However, as opposed to using drift boats, most fly fishing guides in this area use flat-bottomed river john boats.  They are suited to all water conditions here, allow you to move back up river (did you miss that trout the first time by???), their drift is not as affected by wind, and they're much easier to maneuver, allowing the guide to concentrate more on you and less on the boat.

"What's the water going to be doing when I come?"  We've dedicated a separate page to answer that question for you -- click here.

The next thing folks typically want to know is, "Where does the guide go?"  That depends on several things, including water levels/conditions, and what your desires are.  Once again, as with our spin fishing trips, our general motto is, "Let the Guide Decide."  We feel it's  best to give the guide the freedom to decide where to take you, ensuring the best fishing possible.  Sometimes they'll fish here, sometimes they'll want to start at another public access, and sometimes you'll fish a couple of places.  You may need to be prepared to follow the guide in your own vehicle if necessary.

The next logical question is, "Do I need waders?"  Bring them if you have them.  If the water is low, and assuming that you want to, yes, you'll be able to wade.  If the water is up, then you'll fish from a boat.  Our guides have seen plenty of both conditions, so they'll be prepared either way.  Also keep in mind that the water is cold, even in the summertime.  Very few people are able to tolerate "wet-wading" (wading without waders).  (Please note:  You do not have to wade if you don't want to, or if you have physical limitations that would prevent you from it.  Please be sure to tell us when you book your trip about any of these situations so we can serve you better.)

What do the trips include?  Guided Fly Fishing trips include the guide, boat/motor, fly rods/reels, flies, leader, tippet, soda & water.  Fishing licenses / trout stamps and waders/boots are not included.  Lunch can be added to either half day or full day trips. We do a very nice lunch, but give you a choice as so many requested. Typical lunch includes sandwiches of Smoked Turkey w/ Sundried tomato and Provolone cheese on Ciabatta rolls, lettuce & tomato on the side, baked beans & potato salad, & cheesecake for dessert. (When it’s cold - hot soup & coffee instead of baked beans and potato salad.) We will be happy to try and accommodate special dietary requirements; just give us a call and let us know how we can better serve you!

What do you need to bring on a guided fly fishing trip?  Waders/boots, hats, polarized sunglasses (so you can see down into the water), sunscreen, rain gear (just in case!), camera, and appropriate clothing.  Even in warmer weather, the mornings can be pretty cool, so you may need a light jacket in the morning, but by the afternoon, you may be comfortable in short sleeves.  You can bring your own 5 or 6 wt. fly rods and reels if you prefer, but those are provided if you don't have them, or just prefer not to bring them.

Fly Fishing on your own at His Place Resort

Folks always ask us, "Do I need to take a guide, or will I be fine fishing on my own?"  As you can imagine, the answer depends on your experience level, river conditions, how you want to fish, and how pampered you want to be...  :-)  For example, if you've never fly fished for trout before, or if you're unfamiliar with this kind of fishery, you'd probably benefit from a day with a guide before going out on your own.  Just talk to us about your experience and expectations, and we'll help you decide what's best for you.

A great many of our customers prefer to fish on their own.  Some wade fish when the river is low.  Some take canoes or kayaks, and many take john boats.  Additionally, because of our central location, many of our guests also fish the Buffalo River, Crooked Creek, Norfork Lake and the North Fork River during their visit.  If you prefer to fish on your own, we have information on what's biting!  And we can also give you directions to these other locations, too.  Just stop by the Fly & Tackle shop and we can pretty much tell you what to expect for the day.

For wade fishing, we have one of the best wade access spots on the river when dam generation is low, and no matter how you're fishing, we can offer you suggestions on what to use and where those trout are...  For our john boat rental customers, in addition to tips & tricks on how to get the most out of your day, we also provide a thorough safety check out to make sure your fly fishing experience is as safe as it is productive.  (For info on john boat & canoe/kayak rentals, be sure to visit those pages.)

Fly & Tackle Shop

His Place Resort has a fully stocked Fly & tackle shop.  We are a Wright-McGill Master Dealer, and carry their fine line of rods & reels, waders and tackle packs.  And, if we don't have it in stock, we can often get it for you in one business day.  We have fly rods and reels for rent, too.  We have most terminal tackle you'd need.  In addition to a great selection of flies, we of course have leaders, tippet, strike indicators, weights, fly line, nippers, etc.  Other items include T-shirts, smokes, soda, candy and other novelty items.

In the tackle shop, we maintain a Water Flow board for both the White & North Fork rivers, letting you know what the water is doing at any given time.  The number for the current flow at both Bull Shoals Dam and Norfork Dam is 870-431-5311.  Program it into your cell phone so you can listen to it throughout the day.  (The White River Flow Info page will explain to you what to make of that information, or just ask us!

Good Fishin’ -- Julie

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