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2011 Shawnee Boats Trout Fishing Tournament Bookmark and Share

Archive Page - folks ask about this, so I left it up

**UPDATE** 3/29/11 - it was a tough day, but TEAM HIS PLACE was a TOUGH CREW!

Final count was 73 team entries, and although we didn't win it this year, one of our crew did place 8th...  Dale & the Diva were in the money with a Nice Rainbow...  JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!!

3 days prior, we had nearly 80˚ weather...  then a cold snap!  It rained, pretty much all day with moderate wind, max temp around 42˚ the day of the Tournament.  Some DID run home cryin' to their Mamas... 

But not Team His Place!  We all fished it hard and didn't give up!  Most of our teams experienced the same thing; we all caught lots of Brown Trout, just all under 24".  Dale and I had over 20 ourselves.  Sculpins & Minnows for the most part, and some Rapala X-treme Action Slash Baits was about all we used.  We sat on 'em, we drifted a little for 'em, and we missed a whole bunch of 'em.

The water they promised never came...  (Thanks, Corps...)  We already had our boats in, and that is definitely something we'll change next year.  My understanding is that the 2 largest fish of the tournament came from the area near our dock...  Definitely got out-thunk there, as we had committed to having our boats in, and we were depending on water to get back up.  Won't make THAT mistake next year!

Dale was a sight!  He decided to wear a blonde wig with a pink ball cap...  Oh yes he did!  And MY, OH, MY!!!  He sure did look purty...  We sang about "missing polo ponies" and the like on our way down to the ramp that morning...  (you had to be there!  LOL!)

That night, we had a great dinner with the crew (except 1 that had a striper trip that night) and had a blast!  Everyone wants to do it again - so just wait until next year!  And a special Thank You to everyone that cheered us on!

Final Results -- click here

Trout Fishing Tournament, TEAM "HIS PLACE" HAD A BLAST ON 3/26/11!!!

We're gonna Dominate 'Em...  We're gonna Humiliate 'Em...


Can you Trout Fish with (and against) the Best Trout Guides on the White River?  JOIN US! 

His Place Resort is doing something new!  JOIN TEAM HIS PLACE as we dominate the White River by fishing with us in one of our two divisions; HIS PLACE TROUT MASTERS or HIS PLACE PRO-STAFF!

It's Team His Place Against EVERYBODY ELSE on the White River - Saturday, March 26, 2011.

The 2011 Annual Shawnee Boats, Inc. Trout Tournament, sponsored by the Cotter Area Chamber of Commerce, takes place this year on the White River at the Cotter Access Ramp in the Big Spring Park.  Time:  7:00 AM -- 2:00 PM.  We will compete as a team...  and we will be victorious!  Here's the short story on the Loot! 

  • Special Boat Drawing (Only Tournament Entrants eligible)
    • Valued at $6900, win a New 2011 Shawnee Deluxe John Boat, Trailer & Seats,  (motor available at cost)  Donated by Shawnee Boats, Inc., Must be present to win
  • Big Fish Pot -- $2500 payout, based on 100 entries
    • All Prize Funds listed below are Pro-rated based on 100 entries
  • 1st Place -- $1000, 2nd Place -- $800, 3rd Place -- $600, 4th Place -- $400, 5th Place -- $300,
    6th thru 10th Place -- $100 ea

The PRO-STAFF Division has 4 of the best White River Trout Fishing Guides alive booked for this tournament, and I'm fishin' with one of 'em.  That leaves 3 openings on the Pro-Staff team for our guests. 

The TROUT MASTERS Division is made up of our guests who want fish with their favorite fishin' buddies, and compete as part of TEAM HIS PLACE.  Members of the Trout Masters division can either fish out of their own personal john boats, or can rent one from us.

Become part of His Place Team TROUT MASTERS or Team PRO-STAFF and feel the VICTORY!



Pro-Staff - Dale the Runt Trout Diva - His Place Pro-Staff

PRO-STAFF DIVISION, "DIVA CREW" -- DALE a.k.a. "the RUNT" & the TROUT DIVA...  tough as they come, and ALL OVER those TROUT!  Runt's partner on Team Pro-Staff is, of course, the TROUT DIVA.  Runt is ALWAYS the Trout Diva's fishing partner.  Be afraid...  be very afraid of these members of Team His Place!  They know where those Big Boyz are hidin' and THEY ARE IN IT TO WIN IT, folks!

Team Pro-Staff -- Happy JonathanB

PRO-STAFF DIVISION, "'ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST' CREW" -- PRESLEY a.k.a. "HAPPY" & DR. FEELGOOD.  Do you know WHY this man is HAPPY???  Because the Big Brown Trout can't resist him!  He knows the river like few others, and he'll blow by you with a smile on his face and a bigger trout on his line!  And his partner?  Someone who knows all about Smiles!  Jonathan B., a.k.a "Dr. FeelGood" , a long-time resort guest and Big Trout Specialist, is a dentist from the Show-Me State...  Happy & Dr. FeelGood are gonna have every reason to be all smiles, as they watch competitor after competitor Bite the Dust! 

Baby Face Brad - His Place Pro-Staff Gregg Porter

PRO-STAFF DIVISION, "WHIPPIN' CREW"  -- BRAD a.k.a. "BABY-FACE" & MISSISSIPPI WHIPPIN' BOY.  Don't let that young face fool ya, folks...  Baby-Face has lived here all his life and is one of the best guides on the river.  In addition to those Big Brown Trout, he has a way with the Rainbows, too.  His partner, Gregg P., is a good friend of ours and a regular at the resort.  An excellent fisherman,  he is extremely competitive (about everything, huh, Rita?) and told me he's gonna "show the competition what it's like to take a Whippin' from an ol' Mississippi boy... "  This will be one tough crew!

Team Pro-Staff -- Curtis a.k.a. the Killa' Cisco Kid, Casualty Crew, Pro-Staff Division, Team His Place

PRO-STAFF DIVISION, "CASUALTY CREW"  -- CURTIS a.k.a. THE 'KILLA' & THE CISCO KID. This Trout-Fishing Terror of the White is laid-back and cool, but one helluva serious guide.  Not only do White River Trout tremble when they hear his name, so do the other guides...  and his partner, Winston C., the Cisco Kid???  No, he ain't gonna be fishin' with Pancho, folks.  After all, when you're dealin' with a 'Killa', you gotta call a Superhero!  One thing for sure, this crew will leave plenty of casualties in their wake!   Welcome, "Casualty Crew", to the Pro-Staff Division of Team His Place!


Team Nascar - Matt Rauen & Rita Porter John Meier and Aaron Meier  

TROUT MASTERS DIVISION -- Top left, Matt R. & Rita P., a.k.a "Gilligan & Mrs. Howell" are the first entrants in the TROUT MASTERS DIVISION!  (Rita's husband is fishing with "Baby Face" in the Pro-Staff Division.)  Gilligan and Mrs. Howell are going to "set out from this tropic port (or the Cotter Ramp) aboard their tiny ship!"  Welcome "Crew S.S. MINNOW" to the Trout Master Division of Team His Place!

TROUT MASTERS DIVISION -- Top right, John M. & Aaron M., a.k.a "Big John & Anglin' Aaron" are a Father/Son team from Iowa that you''ll want to watch...  The family are regulars at the resort, and the Trout's ability to avoid their prey is totally Devastated when these two fish.  During a one week stay last summer, they boated over 30 legal browns (all successfully released).  Welcome "Crew Devastation" to the Trout Master Division of Team His Place!


Instructions to Compete in the His Place "PRO-STAFF" Division:

  • Call me (Julie) directly, 866-435-6535
  • I will pair you with one of our Pro-Staff Team Members featured above
  • I will need to fill out your entry form in order to pair you with one of our Pro-Staff
  • I will enter you in the tournament, and send you confirmation of your status
  • To be on this team, you must agree to let me use your picture!  You must send a picture of yourself that I can post here, and be OK with your name & image being shown now and after the event, which will, of course, make you famous and bring you luck!
  • Download the RULES and study them
  • Cost for 1 person - $225, non-refundable at time of booking.  This fee will cover:
    • Entry fee into the Tournament
    • Team entry fee for the Big Fish Pot
    • Entry into the Shawnee Boat Drawing
    • 1 meal ticket (served at the pavilion beginning at 2:00 PM, after the weigh-in)
  • Let me know if you will need lodging, and we'll help you with that, too
  • There will be NO trout killed.  The official tournament rules allow a big fish to be taken, BUT TEAM HIS PLACE RULES DO NOT.  By fishing on the Pro-Staff team, you agree NOT to harvest - PERIOD!
  • Winnings will be split down the middle.  It's a team.  By participating on the Pro-Staff team, you agree that team winnings are just that - TEAM winnings.  You agree that anything won will be split 50/50 with your guide.  In the event of winning the Boat Drawing, one team member may buy the other out for $2000.  If neither or both want(s) to buy the other out, team members agree to sell boat locally, and split profits.  HPR will oversee sale of boat.

Instructions to Compete in the His Place "TROUT-MASTERS" Division:

  • Call me (Julie) directly, 866-435-6535, to make sure there is still availability
  • Let me know if you're bringing your own boat, or want to rent one of ours
  • Download this application, get it filled out immediately & signed by both you and your partner
  • Fax it back to me at 870-435-6536.  There will be no time to mail it!
  • I will accept CC payment over the phone, then get you enrolled immediately
  • I will send you confirmation of your status
  • Download the RULES and study them
  • Download the FLYER if you want basic info
  • To be on this team, you must agree to let me use your picture!  You must send a picture of yourself that I can post here, and be OK with your name & image being shown now and after the event, which will, of course, make you famous and bring you luck!
  • There will be NO trout killed.  The official tournament rules allow a big fish to be taken, BUT TEAM HIS PLACE RULES DO NOT.  By fishing the TROUT MASTERS team, you agree NOT to harvest - PERIOD!