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Parks, Swimming and other Outdoor Recreation in the Ozarks

(this page is still under construction...  please bear with us as we improve our site)

In addition to the great trout fishing, the Ozarks is home to many outdoor activities, with parks and national forests for you to explore.

We've tried to limit the listings to those that are about 1 hour or less travel time from the resort.  For each listing, we try to include travel time, a link to their website if available, and a short description.


There are several places close by to go swimming on a hot summer day!

Cotter Big Spring Park - has a great swimming hole created by a natural spring creek, right in the center of the park.  It even has a rope swing if you dare!

Time from resort - less than 5 minutes
Directions - click here

Lakeview Park - great swimming area on Bull Shoals Lake with boat launch, outdoor restrooms, picnic area, pavilion and playground.

Time from resort - approx. 15 minutes
Directions - click here
Park Map - click here

Point Return Public Use Area - Bull Shoals

The city of Bull Shoals maintains the Point Return Public Use Area - let's go swimming!

Time from resort - approx. 15 minutes
Directions - click here

Bull Shoals-White River State Park

This 725 acre park lies both above & below the massive Bull Shoals Dam. Along the lakeshore, you can enjoy interpretive programs, and the day-use park offers picnic sites & playgrounds, plus a nature trail off AR 178 in Bull Shoals. approx 20 minutes from the resort.

Buffalo Point Park

This was originally the Arkansas Buffalo River State Park developed as a CCC project in the 1930's, but is now a part of the Buffalo River National Park. It is just west of the Sylamore District of the Ozark National Forest, south of the town of Rush, just off AR Highway 14 near Caney, AR. Many of the original structures remain. There is river access for canoeing, boat launching & swimming. There are also 4 scenic hiking trails from the campground and two more hiking trails in the nearby Rush Historic District. approx 30 minutes from the resort.

Ozark National Forest (Sylamore district)

The Ozark National Forest actually has several different sections across the state, with a total coverage of over 1.2 million acres. The closest section to the resort is the Sylamore District, the area that begins near the confluence of the White & Buffalo Rivers as its northern-most boundary, then encompassing a large area south and west of the White River, ending around the junction of Hwy 5 & 14 at the southern boundary, and east of Marshall as its western-most boundary. The only Ranger District office is outside the southern-most boundary near Mountain View. You're only about 1/2 hour away from the beginning of the Ozark National Forest's northern boundary. Check out their website at

ATV Riding in the Ozark National Forest

There are quite a few places to legally ride your ATV within an hour of the resort, however you must make yourself aware of the regulations and restrictions. For current maps & more information on ATV riding in the Ozark National Forest, check out to download their informative brochure.

Hiking in the Ozark National Forest (North Sylamore Creek Trail)

Located in the Ozark National Forest, this 14 mile trail is named for the scenic, free-flowing stream it follows past waterfalls, natural springs, limestone bluffs and lush forest. A new extension ties this trail into the Ozark Highlands Trail, running from Allison, AR to Barkshed Recreation area. Off AR Highway 14 N. 8 mi. north of Mountain View, about an hour away from the resort. More information can be found at

Biking in the Ozark National Forest (Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail)

Located in the Ozark National Forest, the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail is in the process of constructing a system of trails especially for mountain bikes, currently having almost 50 miles of interconnecting loops, mostly single-stack. The various loops can be accessed from four different trailheads in addition to Blanchard Springs Recreation area. Three trailheads are on Green Mountain Road, which is the first gravel road to the West, 1/2 mile north of Jack's Fishing Resort and one trailhead is on AR Highway 5, 3.5 miles north of Jack's. More information can be found at

Pigeon Creek Mountain Bike Trail System

Less than 10 minutes from Mountain Home, you will be able to enjoy the Pigeon Creek Trail system. Located on Highway 201 North at the Pigeon Creek Park on Lake Norfork, this stacked loop trail system offers over twenty miles of hiking & biking opportunities along the shoreline of Lake Norfork. More information can be found at

Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park

PLEASE NOTE:  I've made an exception here - the other listings on this page I tried to keep to an hour or so from the resort; but I'm making an exception for this one for two reasons:  1.)  it's really cool and folks have asked about it, and 2.) we have a lot of guests that come from the South and would drive past it on the way to visit us anyway...   The Toltec Mounds site is located in the lower Mississippi River Valley, and has the state's tallest American Indian Mounds, a Visitor's Center, and an archeological research station.  Time from the resort is 3-1/2 hours.  More information can be found at